Info regarding Medicaid eligibility

Hello Everyone ~

There's been a lot of discussion recently about Medicaid eligibility for youth ages 18-21. While the Legislature has recently ordered a study be conducted to look at the impact of extending basic eligibility from age 18 to 21, these youth may already qualify for Medicaid under certain circumstances (such as Ribicoff Medicaid).  Here are the Ribicoff guidelines:

Youth ages 18-21 with less than $2000 in resources may be eligible for traditional Medicaid coverage, including EPSDT services. The youth must have monthly net income under $841 ($908 in Chittenden County). If the youth lives with one parent, the resources and income of the parent count. If the youth lives at home with two parents, the income standard is a little higher: $1008 ($1075 in Chittenden County); and the resource standard is $3,000.

If you believe youth meet these qualifications and are still only receiving VHAP, please contact your local Economic Services office. Also, because of the transient nature of this population, the status of a youth's eligibility may change frequently and you may want to review your case load on a regular basis to note these changes.

We'll be reviewing Medicaid eligibility at the next JOBS retreat, July 28th at the DAR State Park. In the mean time, If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 241-2195.

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