With eye on safety, FIS regulates skis and standheights

By Gary Black Jr.
May 26, 2006

VILAMOURA, Portugal - Both skis and standheights will be altered for
the 2007-08 season. Citing the rapid increase in injuries,
particularly to juniors, the FIS and the Ski Racing Supplier
Association, which is composed of most hardgoods manufacturers, agreed
to make changes which would lower standheights and increase ski

Guenther Hujara, the men's World Cup race director, said the changes
have to be made due to the rapid increase in lower leg injuries,
primarily knees.

"We feel that these changes will have a positive effect on reducing
the number of injuries we are experiencing, he said.

The new maximum standheight of ski, plate and binding will be 50
millimeters, reduced from 55 mm. In addition, boot height will be
restricted to 43 mm from the current 45 mm.

Ski widths will be expanded as well. Currently the minimum width for
all skis is 60 mm. Under the new rules, ski-width minimums will be as
follows: for slalom, 63 mm; GS and SG skis, 65 mm; and downhill skis,
67 mm.

Giant slalom ski radiuses will be regulated as well. For men, the GS
ski minimum radius will be 27 m and the women's 23 m.

There will be no tolerance variation of any of the above.

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