Dear Friends,

I have some news to tell you.  I will be absent for a while and working at
less than full strength for a while after that.  I will be having triple
bypass surgery on June 13.  I have every expectation of making a rapid and
complete recovery but it is a major traumatic surgery and I am going to be
subdued for a while.  

I really do not feel bad and have been exercising regularly even though I
have had periodic angina beyond a certain exertion level for several
months.  The doc knew I was going to Mt. Hood with my son in early May to
ski and climb.  He just said to be careful and back off if I got symptoms.
 I did climb about 1000 ft.  (Trip report overdue, I know.)  I had the
gold standard test last week, the cardiac catheterization, and there is no
doubt about the results.  Both my doc and my cardiologist brother-in-law
say I am going to be amazed at how good I feel after recovery.  

Those of you who are still skiing, make some turns for me.  



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