Dana wrote:

>It's not unusual to see birds at ~10k' on Rainier- I've even seen
>canaries & finches. 
- That would certainly explain how/why I saw a very similar bird the very 
next day.

>Sounds like a good daytrip though, all-in-all. I don't suppose you took
>the Nisqually Chute option? (Probably not the wisest solo move in
>sketchy weather, but I'm sure SOMEBODY skied it last weekend.)
- Took two Muir snowfield runs the next day, with the final run descending 
a fairly broad face to the south of the Nisqually Chutes, since I wasn't 
100% confident in finding the distinctive "eyebrow" rock formations that 
I'd been scouting out from the base as the entrance to the most promising 
Day Two pics & details available here:

>I'm headed out there late-June coming back after the 4th- any chance our
>paths would/could cross? (Keep me posted!)
- Not quite:  my Bay Area brother, Portland Gaper Jeffey, and I (plus maybe 
some Lemurians) are all converging on Shasta June 22-25.

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