For the cost, Sporttubes provide a tougher case than a canvas bag. Most
people have had no trouble. . .but, if you are like me, get the a hardshell;
if I used a bag, the airline would surely break my skis.

I've read somewhere that the Diamir Fritchi bindings are more likely to be
damaged than skis, so I got a Sportttube. The Fritchi bindings do appear to
be more fragile than the typical alpine binding so if you have AT gear, a
hard shell might be "required" to get your skis around safely. I doubt that
three pair will fit in their largest case though. Check them out. As
mentioned before the wheels are great, and you can use your own strap to tow
it. I travel with a backpackable boot bag, sporttube and one wheeled
suitcase. (Boot-bag with boots , helmet and one full set of ski clothes so
if suitcase and skis are lost, I can still ski using rentals.)

Have you looked into just shipping all three pairs? Seach the Internet, I
believe there is a company that specializes in shipping sports gear.


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