On Thu, 1 Jun 2006 08:30:17 -0400, Haskell, Patrick 

>As to the performance fee, his objective in running, beyond a maniacal
>zeal to train and compete, is to keep his foundation in the spotlight.

Err, might you be a Lance fanboy, based on this quote?

While I certainly give Lance his props for raising money for cancer, he's
also a big celebrity with an expensive lifestyle.  So he needs to keep his
name out there, so he can do commercials and the like.  The NY Marathon
is a great opportunity for this.

I am really curious to see how he does.  It's extremely difficult to cross
over to another sport and be successful at a high level.  But if there were
ever a situation where it might be possible, this is it.  He has aerobic
capacity and a competitive drive.  Also, running marathons is not
for 20-somethings, the biggest stars are usually older.  So at 35,
Lance still has time.  (After all, haven't I read that riding in the TDF
is like running 25 back-to-back marathons?)

Personally, I don't see Lance every becoming *really* good, like perhaps
a top-20 US marathoner.  But I sure hope he gives it his best shot.


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