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> I've never been much of a Lance fan.  By most personal accounts the man
> is more than a bit of an egotistical...

Oh, I guess you're not a Lance fanboy after all ;-)

Some people believe that Barry Bonds is treated more harshly than Lance
because Lance is white and Barry is black.  After all, both set records,
take drugs and are somewhat-to-very obnoxious.  But this is so ridiculous
because Lance does a lot of good things and Barry is just Barry.  Also,
Lance is becoming more likeable with age, and Barry is going in the
opposite direction.

As far as the marathon goes, I don't think Lance has every committed to 
trying real hard.  He just might take it easy and spend his time
high-fiving the spectators.  I hope not, I want to see Lance go for it in
a big way.


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