All I know it, I am glad I am not in the public spot light.
If everything I said was picked apart the way stuff Lance's, Bode's, 
Barry's. . . words are taken apart, I would be a hated person.   I can't 
imagine being photographed everytime I stepped outside.  I would be angry 
if people were hounding me all the time.

Lets face it, you don't get into bike racing because of the social aspect.
Lance even says, he misses the training not the racing.  

I sat(snuck) in on the press conference of the last mountain stage of the 
TDF,  Lance's last one with US Postal.  It was the stage where Lance turned 
it on at the finish to pass a few riders to win the stage.  

I could see the pain in his eyes, when he 
was asked what he felt were stupid questions.   Then someone asked him about
his teammates attempted break away.   Lance perked right up, and gave a very
detailed account of his teammate asking if Lance minded if he tried for the 
win. You could feel Lance's energy fill the room.  You realized, this is a 
guy that really had strong feelings for his team.   

He was also asked about not letting others with that stage.  Lance talked
about how he was treated when he let others win stages in the past.  He
said how the Badger said to him afterwards "no more gifts".  Again you 
could feel his passion as he spoke.  

As a fan of sports, that is what I was there to see.  I got more then I had
hoped for.   I will never forget the way he accelerated at the end.

I don't know what people want from athletes anymore.  Are they 
required to be friendly to everyone that approaches them?  Are they required
to sign everything anyone asks them too?  

If an athlete breakes the law, then they should be arrested.   Other then 
that, what is it you want from them?   Where do you get your info on what
certain athletes are like?

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