Benjamin Kulas poses the obligatory postGenX cyncism-laden question
about LA's integrity and the extent of his altruism: 

 " On 6/1/06, Haskell, Patrick <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 

	...I have little doubt that his principal motivation in life is
a deep desire to eradicate cancer and an equally profound empathy for
its victims...

Right.  Or does his charitable work reflect a keen understanding of
image creation and maintainence in American advertising culture and
American public consciousness?  (Cf. Bode Miller...)  "
And I would say that given his life story, neither I nor anyone I know
has the standing to meaningfully pose such a question and, thus, your
devil's advocacy amounts to little more than ssip in the wind.  LA is
sufficiently established as a TdF champion, cancer victim and champion
of cancer victims that separating the charity from the charitable work,
the PR from genuine public relations or the merely inconic from the icon
himself is an empty exercise that ignores the fact that PR and charity
work are inextricably linked, with the former more often being a tool of
the latter than the other way around, and that in LA's case, the fact
that his charity life and public life are one and the same, as opposed
to being some sort of accessory to a larger public career, however well
intentioned (cf Angelina Jolie).   

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