Matt K. write:

> That's what I'm missing from my First Aid kit, an Epi Pen.  
> Can I just pick one up at any drugstore or do  I need a prescription?

Here in California, you must have a script for it. Furthermore, that script
is for *you* and you only. If your best buddy goes into anaphylactic shock
because of a sting and you use it on him, a PITA DA could bring you up on
charges of playing doctor.

As an EMT (-1 or -B depending upon where you are), epi pens are currently
beyond my scope of practice. However through the efforts of NREMT, they
should be within our scope within the next two to three years. </sarcasm on>
Guess they are just to complicated for most of us EMTs to use. </sarcasm

Where there is still plenty of good tracks to be had from the Pacific Crest

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