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What I DO note is that back in the old days, Killington was the place
where New England skied when the weather sucked. Part of that was
related to their very smart (pre-current-day ASC) brand positioning
of 'first to open, last to close.'

Killington no longer seems to have that brand position.  But I could
be wrong. 

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On that note, It's interesting how KOD has changed the past few years.   In the past the date wouldn't be announced until the morning of sometimes, and it's anticipation always generated a lot of rumor and excitement.  A September opening date was the dream.  You'd have to ride in the back of a pickup truck up the mountain to get to the lift, etc. 

Then four or five years ago they switched over to announcing the date at least a week ahead of time and opening only when they had top to bottom conditions.  (Curiously just around the time the KOD FAQ on the skivt-l page stopped being updated -  This allowed that guy with a snowblower and hill in CT to announce that he beat Killington and was the first to open in the east.

I'm assuming the decision was driven by business.  Since lower their season pass price and increasing the volume sold, it probably makes sense to wait on opening, since not everyone showing up on that day will be buying a ticket.  I'm of the opinion that there was a lot more value in those early openings that could be shown on a balance sheet.  My first day snowboarding was a lesson I took at Killington the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I'll never forget the excitement I felt driving up from Albany with hardly any snow on the ground, until heading up the access road and seeing the fresh white snow being blown on the trails.   Anyway, enough nostalgia.  I live out west now and haven't been to Killington in years, but either way it's still sad to see K loose some of its mystique. 

- Chris

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