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>You can ski in a manner that practically eliminates the
>risk of severe head injury.
>You can NOT ride a motorcycle (or bicycle, for that matter)
>in a manner that practically eliminates the risk of
>severe head injury.
My 2cents: I think you can ride a bicycle in a manner that creates a minute 
risk of severe head pedaling slowly on flat ground at 5 mph 
on a empty dirt road with both hands on the handlebars...risk of falling in 
your bathtub is greater, and no hue and cry for helmets there, I hope?

The freedom to make choices still exists in our society, but is being 
whittled down everyday by PC types who want to impose their dogma on 
everyone else. Here is a bike and no helmet story for ya....a week or two 
ago, I rode out of my driveway (without a helmet) on my single speed Ti MTB 
to pedal on the dirt road in front of my house. This bike is a fixed gear, 
so I was taking crazy chances, as I COULD have put a freewheeling cog on 
it, but let me get back to my story.

I had my 6 year old with me on his bike (with helmet). A middle aged couple 
on fancy bikes rode by. I smiled and said hello, as we bikers are a 
minority that must stick together in a world of multi ton cars and trucks. 
Well, my hello didn't go over well. The "wife" of the two took the chance 
to lecture me on my choice to NOT wear a helmet when riding in my 
driveway/dirt road. I was stunned at her holier-than-thou/indignant/grandma 
manner in which she opted to lecture me about helmets. We had a mini-
debate, but I held back as my kid was there listening to our conversation. 
I am still stunned she had the nerve to call me out on not wearing a helmet 
to ride in front of my own house! I get the part about "having a kid and 
making positive role modeling by wearing a helmet," but it was a two minute 
ride at 5mph at the end of my driveway! I was at "nearly zero" risk for a 
head injury...other than the almost stroke I had when she got me all worked 
up! Now I make it a point not to wear a helmet on my road, hoping she comes 
back for debate #2....

Oh, I do wear a helmet riding off road on my MTB, skiing, and when 
screaming around on my 900cc Triumph Speed Triple suicide machine...

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