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> The "wife" of the two took the chance
> to lecture me on my choice to NOT wear a helmet when riding in my
> driveway/dirt road.

Amusing, that one.  While the lady was clearly being rude, you did a good
job of setting yourself up.  With kids, the accepted strategy is *always*
ride with a helmet, so that your darling child believes that this is
what sensible adults do.  You do the non-helmet riding when the kids
aren't looking.  Personally, I avoid wearing helmets in the daylight
hours and have been known to leave the house helmeted.  As soon as I am
out of sight, then I stash the helmet on the rack.  I have been caught
once or twice, but I just told them I forgot, and they bought it.

If some lady tries to lecture you when the kids aren't around,
then you could give her a piece of your mind.  But, of course, she
wouldn't do it if she knew that you could fight back.


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