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>And if you are using a helmet for "safer" tree skiing
>out of bounds, then you are skiing fast enough to be inviting
>other significant injuries like mangling a leg on
>hidden dead-fall or a punctured lung (I've seen 2).
>Better to take off the helmet and accept cuts and scrapes
>in the face as a harsh reminder to slow down, imo.

Agree completely.  After all, the most important safety gear is a well
functioning brain.

I have no idea why Jimski feels the need for a helmet.  I skied a number
of runs with him at the last Partee and he's no mad bomber.  Good skills
and knows his limits.

I find it amusing that getting air off some rock in the woods is
perceived as cool, while not wearing a helmet is inviting death in some 

I hope all these helmut lovers carry lightning rods when they go on a
hike, the risk is probably greater.  Bee stings kill quite a few each
year as well.


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