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>Yeah, I actually had high hopes for 'em.  I gave it a good try, too.  
But's an extra strap system that can get in the way, they are 
awkward to carry along with a backpack, they're not as easy to fill up as 
a wide mouth bottle, when ya' take them off it's easy to get careless and 
put them on the ground which means that the mouthpiece can drop onto the 
ground which is especially nasty if you are around an outhouse, often when 
I carry 2 water bottles I like to have one with just water and the other 
with powdered stuff (Gatorade, Cytomax, whatever or even tea), ya' gotta' 
clean the tube every now and then, ya' gotta' worry about the tube 
freezing up.  There's a few more reasons, but I forgot.  They're just not 
for me.

FYI, and appropos of nothing, Cytomax is now available in ready-to-drink 
(aka non-powdered) form.  I highly recommend giving it a try, along with 
their Muscle Milk product, also now in RTD form.  Good stuff to get you 
going, keep you going, and recover faster after you're done.

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