It clearly is a hoax and a supreme troll. If Burton lets its name be
used to promote such trash, it is as guilty as if it was sponsoring the
message.  Maybe there are laws being broken, maybe not, but it is still
promoting ill will.

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Denis wrote:
>I'm sorry but this is just plain mean spirited and nasty.  A spade is a

>spade.  I hope that people take note and that Burton pays in ill will 
>and lost business.<snip> Burton has lost my business.

Before any rash actions, I suggest reading the full alpinezone thread
referenced in Kyle's post (currently up to 7 pages after a little less
than 36 hours). In particular, the posts that question the validity and
trustworthiness of the source. Someone who calls his/her blog
"powderjihad" reports as news info from "...a friend of an inside
source"? Please. Until and if there is ever any confirmation, this falls
firmly in the realm of hoax/troll/wishcasting and likely that Burton
isn't even involved.

BTW, Burton did buy a company yesterday - Channel Islands Surfboards.

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