July 26, 2006

Hi Everyone,

In these few short summer months we have an opportunity to come together
in a beautiful place to honor the great work that you do.  As you know
from past emails, the quarterly employment meeting is scheduled for
August 4, 2006 at D.A.R. state park.  It is important to know if you are
planning to attend, so please send an email to me if you haven't already
at [log in to unmask] or you can respond to the entire list-serv
by simply replying to this message.  Also, just a reminder that all
staff are invited as well as VR counselors and other folks you with whom
you work (invite anyone you would like to be there).

We are asking that you bring your own lunch, coffee, and/or something to
share with everyone if you want.  We will supply the cost of renting the
space at the park, charcoal if you would like to grill, and light

The agenda for the meeting is attached.

Please feel free to call or email with questions/suggestions.

We are really excited to take a break from our busy schedules and see
all of you.  Hope you can make it!

Laura & Glen

Laura Flint
Dartmouth Evidence-Based Practices Center
Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
(802) 652-2028
(802) 652-2005 (fax)
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Department of Health, Division of Mental Health
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