Good morning Joyce,

You cannot reject an application to the checklist ONLY because a person claimed non residency on the homestead for property tax purposes at the present time.  You can call me next week and we can discuss this.

However, I agree with you that this would be a good issue to take up with the legislature.  I hope that we can have more discussions with the Clerks and Tresurer Association to ask the legislature to make the definition of residency the same for property tax, driver's license and registering to vote.

Best Regards, Kathy

Kathleen DeWolfe
Director of Elections and Campaign Finance
Vermont Office of the Secretary of State

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>Meantime, back at the ranch, would it be safe to say that under present law 
>if you claim non-residence on your tax bill you CANNOT be registered to 
>Joyce Barbieri, Wallingford