Marshfield would like a copy - we have an abatement hearing coming up on the 18th.

Bobbi Brimblecombe

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Hi All,  Our office is just coming out with a new handbook on Tax Abatement.   We haven't gotten it printed or up on the website yet, but if you would like a copy feel free to e-mail me and I will e-mail or send the document to you.  Deb

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In Brattleboro we do not get as detailed with decision letters for abatements as we do for appeals.  I generally just write the taxpayer a letter stating the decision with a brief reason.  We do not do formal findings of fact for abatements.  If a request does not meet the narrow criteria sited in statute in order to consider granting an appeal, it is simply denied because it does not met the criteria set forth in 24 V.S.A. sect. 1535. 
Title 24 does not give much guidance at all regarding abatements.  We are sort of on our own!
Annette Cappy
Brattleboro Town Clerk
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Subject: Board of Abatement question

A question to all clerks of the Board of Abatement.


  Do you have a formal decision template to send out to those who appear before the Board of Abatement?

In the past I have written a letter, attached a copy of the minutes of the meeting and sent it out to those who appeared at the meeting asking for an abatement?   Due to a pending court case on an expensive lakeshore home our Town attorneys are instructing our Abatement Board to complete a formal findings of fact just as we do with the BCA appeals.  How many Abatement Boards do a formal findings of fact for each case which could be pages long?  


Thanks for any information you may give me.