In the past I have had a few people request a letter from me stating
that they are a resident of Middlebury for various reasons. I usually
use criteria for being placed on the voter cklist. If they are on my
list I write a letter stating that they are on my list. If they are not
on my list I go through the same steps to see if I would add them to my
list and write a letter stating that they are eligible to be added to
the voter cklist. I think this also is another reason that the state
should come up with a consistent definition of resident.

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Maybe I missed the discussion on this... I received a letter requesting 
that our office (and yours) provide a statement of certification of 
residency in order for someone to get a Vermont drivers license.

Having delivered mail in our town for 8 years, I pride myself on knowing

most people here. However, I am uncomfortable signing a document stating

that someone lives here unless I know that the person lives here.

I thought the statement should read,

" I certify ______________ says s/he is a Vermont resident who claims to

reside in Huntington, having shown me a piece of mail addressed to 
him/her in this town."

Any comments or suggestions? Or is what we are to say per statute.

Heidi Racht