Muninet Administrator:

We have a number of people at Property Valuation and Review signed on to
Muninet. We are in the process of changing e-mail addresses and I'm
trying to help them to unsubscribe under their old address (no longer
used to send mail but they are receiving mailing thru the old address as
a forward to the new address).  They can subscribe under the new address
but will receive duplicate mailings.  

I seem to have done it with my email, but I can't remember how.  

Example, Toni May is still receiving mail at [log in to unmask]  Her
new address is [log in to unmask]

How would she go about fixing this?

Mary Jane Grace
Property Valuation and Review Division
Vermont Dept. of Taxes
Montpelier VT 05601
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!!!!!!!!Please note my new e-mail address.  It is:
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