For my two cents, I think there is a fairly simple legislative solution that dovetails with the potential $10,000 fine or imprisonment penalty for perjury.  I wish there existed a statutory requirement that clerks periodically report the voter checklist to the tax deparment as we do the county courts.  The idea is that if you are on the voter checklist and saying you reside at an address, and you are also on the Grand List as owning that address, you should be filing an HS-131.  If you are not then you are either evading taxes or you are fraudulently claiming residence.  It's in the interest of the tax department to do the enforcement.  In my town, the RESIDENT TAX RATE is HIGHER than the non-resident rate.
Susie Haughwout - Wilmington
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Hi Ulla,  We will continue to have these questions until we have a clear definition of "residency" - as it relates to the voter checklist. How can a person in Vermont claim non-residence on the grand list for tax purposes and yet register here to vote? Is that legal? We hear the concern about the "integrity" of the checklist within the State, how about the nation? Perhaps Deb will weigh in on this.
Joyce Barbieri, Wallingford