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I'm forwarding a notice that just went to the Comp60 list regarding HS-131 nonfilers.
Thanks for your attention.
Mary Jane Grace
Property Valuation and Review Division
Vermont Dept. of Taxes

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Subject: HS131 nonfilers

Many of you have recently received a letter from the Tax Department. The letter contains a list of taxpayers that the Tax Department has reviewed and determined to be residents of your town. The list is the result of a process that started some time ago when you sent a list of taxpayers that you believed should be filing homestead declarations (HS-131) to the Department.

You will not receive these taxpayers in an electronic download file.


The steps you need to follow are:

In Nemrc grand list go to your As Billed Entity

Go to Homestead Declarations.

Choose manually Declare a Homestead.

On the next screen a box comes up with the 1st 6 digits of your town span # already there.

From the list you received you will enter the last 5 digits of a span #, then put the date of the letter as a declaration date.

Click on change selected record.

A screen will come up to verify that span # is for that person.

Say OK. That manually flags the parcel for a homestead.

Once you are all done with the list you will need to calculate taxes and print revised tax bills.

You also need to do errors and omissions for these changes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Help Desk - 802-828-0428

Cathie Powers
IT Specialist
VT Tax Department
802-828-0428 Help Desk
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