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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 10:55 AM
Subject: Congratulations to NEACTC & A graduates

Hi to all:


Iíd like to publicly congratulate Beth Jenks of Winhall and Tammy Legacy of Roxbury on completing their three years of Institute courses (no small feat) and graduating on July 13th.  Tammy was the recipient of the Henry Paquin scholarship.  Henry was one of the founders of the Institute and having known him I was so pleased to see a Vermonter receive his scholarship.


It was a great week at St. Michaelís College.  Everyone embraced the change from Rhode Island and really enjoyed the campus and the area.  They all said Vermont is a beautiful and special place.   One regret was not seeing more Vermonters there as it was so close.  Hope we can make an effort to change that next year. 


Enjoy the cooler weather.