Brighton was told by our auditors that if the Town Fire Department has any of its own funds--from fundraisers of any sort, for instance--they either need to get a separate Federal ID number, or those funds need to come under the control of the Town Treasurer.  It had been the practice here for the Fire Department to keep those funds separate, but since the Fire Department operated under the town's ID number, it put the Treasurer in an awkward spot.  The way I understand it, the Treasurer is responsible for tracking funds spent under the Town's ID number. 
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At the VMCTA Treasurer's Day seminar on June 15th, we were told that in order to be GASB compliant, the funds of non-incorporated fire depts. and rescue squads needed to be under the control of the town treasurer.  Does anyone have any documentation/information on this issue that can be brought before a selectboard to get them to understand the seriousness of this?
Lisa Barrett
Town of Lyndon