Here is a good one for everyone.  We had a lady come into the office today.  She was told by the motor vehicle department she could not get a vermont drivers license until she could prove she lived here. They told her to go to the town clerks office and  get a letter from the clerk stating she is a resident of Ludlow.   I do not know this lady, she is not on the voter check list and will not be approved on the statewide list until she has her vermont drivers license.  She was allowed, however, to register her car in Vermont!!  Does this make sense to anyone??   How does one go about  changing their residency when you can't do the first step (getting your drivers license)??  I guess you just have to wait until all your bills come to your vermont address and you can show them to DMV.  I'm still shaking my head on this one.  Ulla