Rachel and I have been deeply moved, buoyed in our spirits, and uplifted by the warmth, encouragement, prayers, and support that members of the community have offered throughout the last two weeks of my illness. We send our sincere thanks, along with the news that I am progressing very well and look forward to returning home shortly to continue with my recuperation.


This has been a challenging episode, and it will be a personal and institutional obligation for me to ensure that I have regained full health and strength before resuming my duties. Although my date of return to the University is not yet clear, our current projection is about two months. As I regain my health, I cannot overstate how impressed I have been by the UVM Rescue crew that whisked me to the hospital and by the care, professionalism, and skill of the doctors, nurses, technicians, and other personnel at Fletcher Allen: we are very lucky to have this great academic health science center in our community.


Fortunately, too, UVM is blessed with a wise and capable Board of Trustees and a talented and profoundly dedicated administrative team, led by John Bramley, a superbly prepared Acting President, and by our wonderful new Provost, John Hughes. I call on all members of the UVM family to support them in their work—and to respect that, until the day I return to office, John Bramley is UVM’s only President. He and John Hughes merit your full support, and your provision of that support will assist not only them, but also me as I spend the necessary time to ensure a complete recovery.


Finally, please allow this message to stand for a response to the hundreds of get-well cards and letters we have received. I am reading them all, and Rachel and I are deeply touched by your best wishes.


I look forward to returning as President to the UVM community and to our work together to advance this great University. With many thanks again from Rachel and me to all members of the UVM family—our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends, throughout Vermont and beyond—and with all good wishes to all of you—Sincerely, Dan Fogel

Daniel Mark Fogel, President
University of Vermont
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