I was looking for butterflies on Maple/River Rd just north of 
Orleans, VT, this morning. I was amazed at the extent and diversity 
of the marsh and couldn't help but notice all the interesting 
birds...I wish I had this block for the Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas!!


Location:   Orleans River Rd Marsh
Observation date:   7/28/06

Wood Duck with precocial young
Juvenile Bobolink
Osprey attacked by Eastern Kingbirds

Number of species:   26

Wood Duck   X
American Black Duck   X
Mallard   X
Osprey   X
Rock Pigeon   X
Mourning Dove   X
Black-billed Cuckoo   X
Belted Kingfisher   X
Northern Flicker   X
Willow Flycatcher   X
Eastern Phoebe   X
Eastern Kingbird   X
Warbling Vireo   X
Blue Jay   X
Black-capped Chickadee   X
White-breasted Nuthatch   X
Marsh Wren   X
American Robin   X
European Starling   X
Cedar Waxwing   X
Yellow Warbler   X
Common Yellowthroat   X
Song Sparrow   X
Bobolink   X
Red-winged Blackbird   X
American Goldfinch   X

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