I'm wondering if anyone owns or has used a Swift Nighthawk spotting scope
(20-60x80 mm), and if so, if you could share your opinion of it.  I'm in the
market for a decent but not-too-expensive scope (I have small kids who love
birding with me, and I do not want to have to walk on pins and needles every
time they come near the scope, so I'm going to hold off on the high-end
optics for a few more years).  I've been very pleased with my Swift Audubon
binos and the service I've received for them from Swift, so that prompted me
to at least consider a Swift scope.


If anyone has other suggestions for a similarly-priced scope (in the $500
range) I'd love to hear them.


Also, any strong opinions out there on angled vs straight viewing? The
Nighthawk is available both ways, and I understand there are pros and cons
to each.




Miriam Lawrence