At the Helen Bruckner Preserve in West Haven, Monday morning:

Tim's trail: several singing Prairie Warblers
Indigo Buntings with fledgling young Yellow-throated Vireos
Field Sparrow
Pied-billed Grebe (calling from the nearby cattail marsh)
Peregrine Falcons (fiercely harassing passing Ravens and Turkey Vultures)
among others...

Sara Bacher Trail (near the Galick Farmstead):
Heard then saw Yellow-billed Cuckoo (which was extremely obliging, 
offering several long, unobstructed views)

Last Saturday at Mcuen Slang and Whitney Creek:
Green Heron
Wood Ducks
Fledgling Yellow and Black-and-White Warblers and their doting parents
Am. Redstart however, absolutely NO orioles target 
birds...has anyone else had a similar experience?

At Whitney Creek I had 2 (?) of what I'm pretty sure were Red-bellied 
Woodpeckers...Heard their purring QUIRRR, had a couple flyovers, and 
caught a fleeting glimpse of red on a bird that was otherwise rendered 
a silhouette by the bright sun behind him. Does anyone know if 
Red-bellied's are distinctive in flight? What I saw from below was a 
relatively broad-winged, shortish-tailed (for a woodpecker), and 
large-headed bird, about the size of a Flicker, that seemed to glance 
about as it flew by, a behavior I've never witnessed in a woodpecker. 
 From field experience, are any of these features characteristic of 


NO orioles whatsoever at the slang