Please join us on Saturday, July 29 to celebrate
five years of monitoring as well as the newly
renovated boardwalk, a rich diversity of bird
life and some good company. Meet at the West
Rutland Price Chopper parking lot at 7 a.m. or
the boardwalk/kiosk on Marble Street in the marsh
at 7:15 a.m.

Five years ago Rutland County Audubon set out to
inventory the birds of the marsh and now, after
monthly monitoring walks in which over 660 people
participated, an astounding list of 123 of
species of birds has been compiled! 

Though little known by the general public, the
West Rutland Marsh has long been valued by
birders and nature enthusiasts as a place for
quiet recreation. The West Rutland Marsh,
officially recognized as an Important Bird Area
(IBA), contains one of the largest cattail
marshes in the state as well as a variety of
other habitats. A logbook at the marsh indicates
that both residents and visitors enjoy the marsh.

Since Rutland County Audubon began the monitoring
walks, a boardwalk has been constructed and
recently renovated and an information kiosk
erected. Rutland County Audubon is also in the
process of designing the Bridge-to-Bridge
Interpretive Trail for use by schools for
environmental education.

Sue Elliott

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