An excellent turnout of both species (50) and
participants (19) for today's West Rutland Marsh
5th Anniversary Monitoring Walk. We have
completed 60 consecutive walks around the marsh
for a total of 222 miles, 123 species and 681

The marsh birds were out in full force with
American bittern (1), least bittern (1), great
blue heron (4) and green heron (1) as well as
Virginia rail (2), Wilson's snipe (1) and swamp
sparrow (15).

Wrens were well-represented with Carolina wren
(1), house wren (1), marsh wren (9, including a

Also of note were American kestrel (3), alder
flycatcher (10!), common yellowthroat (14),
American redstart (3) and black-and-white warbler

Sue Elliott

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