To complement Kevin's helpful description, here are two really nice sets of 

Eyed Brown:

Appalachian Eyed Brown

On these photos:

1) Note the little notch (pointing rearward) in the relatively straight 
line on the underside of the hindwing (near the body) on Eyed Brown. You'll 
see that little zig (or zag) not far from the leading edge of the hind 
wing. Now note how straight that same line is in Appalachian Eyed Brown.

2) Also note in these images how undulating (almost zig-zag) the 
post-median band is on the under-hindwing of Eyed Brown and how less curvy 
(no zig-zag) it is in Appalachian Eyed Brown.

3) Eyed Browns are paler, and often look faded (even when they're kind of 
fresh). Appalachian Eyed Brown tends to be a warmer gray-brown.

Of course, there are some in-betweeners that makes this all a challenge.


At 7/20/2006, you wrote:

>First, habitat can be a clue. Apps like wooded sedge wetlands. Eyeds like 
>it open but there is overlap. Apps have smoother more rounded lines on the 
>underside of the hindwing and the middle marginal spots on the forewing 
>underside are reduced. In eyeds the line is jagged and the spots get 
>smaller as you go up in a uniform progression. Also there can be a whitish 
>line around the spots making them look like "peas in a pod." I have found 
>some down here with the right spots but the wrong lines and vice versa but 
>only 1 for sure. There must be some gene sharing going on. Hope this 
>helps, good luck! Kevin
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>CAn anyone tell me how to distinguish an Appalacian
>Brown from the Eyed Brown?  I'm passing by lots of
>Eyed Browns and am wondering if there could be any
>Appalacians I"m ingnoring?
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