Greetings, VTLepsters:

I spent today in the Northeast Kingdom looking for dragonflies. But it 
turned out to be a spectacular day for butterflies up there (and I wasn't 
really looking for butterflies).

Highlights included Two-spotted Skippers (Eyphyes bimacula) and Bog Coppers 
(Lycaena epixanthe) at a bog Brunswick. Surprisingly, it appears these are 
new VBS records for the Kingdom. The Two-spotted Skippers were landing on 
me (photos later). Another highlight was about 40 Pink-Edged Sulphurs 
(Colias interior) on a short stretch of dirt road in Lewis. One of those 
landed on me, another was snatched up and carried off by a Common Green 
Darner (Anax junius), and yet two more were caught in the act of, well, er, 
making more Pink-edged Sulphurs (stay tuned for the lascivious photos).

Other highlights included a small field overflowing with Baltimore 
Checkerspots, huge numbers of Atlantis Fritillaries, and one coyote turd 
with no fewer than five butterfly species on it.

It was unadulterated delight (not to mention the Boreal Chickadees and a 
male Bay-breasted Warbler -- alas, no firm breeding evidence).

I'll try to organize some blockbusting up there, perhaps on Tuesday. So 
stay tuned for an update.


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