OOps Tawny-edged not Dun Skipper Kevin
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Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 6:54 PM
Subject: [VTLEPS] Essex Junction 3

Got to do some more Northern butterflying today in Essex Junction 3. Viceroy, Wood Nymph, Question Mark, Dun Skipper, Atlantis Fritillary, Compton and Milbert's Tortioseshell, Mourning Cloak, Eyed Brown, Long Dash, Peck's Skipper, European Skipper and Dion Skipper. Also seen Great Spangled Fritillary, Tiger Swallowtail sp. and many Monarchs. Yesterday in Burlington 4 Wood Nymph, Eyed Brown, and also seens of Question Mark and Monarchs. Yesterday I had a late start so not much was in the air at 4:30. Kevin