[VTLEPS] Bennington 6 non priority block
Sure must have been fun!!!
I don't have any grandchildren - YET - but I remember a day in early September 1980 when our older son Andrej (now in grad school in San Diego - now there's an excuse to go collect in a great region) was not quite 4 years old. Anyway, we were walking along a trail north of Lewiston, Maine where we lived at the time. There was a field full of clovers on the right and a woods on the left. A Wood Nymph bounced along the trail in front of us. He observed the butterfly, turned to me, and said entirely matter-of-factly (a little "expert" speaking almost in monotone), "...Wood Nymph, Alex..." I have never forgotten.
Andrej collected the only Rubidus Hybrid (Viceroy vs. Red Spotted Purple) I have ever seen in nature when he was 11 near Dayton, Ohio...Good thing I brought him along, because I was so petrified when I saw it that I could not move...

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My only surveying these days is in my daughters small yard (Bennington 6) where I babysit my almost 2 year old grandson and await the overdue second one. This week I have seen Silvery Blue, Monarch, White Admiral, Tigerswallowtail, Silver Spotted Skipper, Eastern Comma, Sulphur and Red Spotted Purple. I saw the Red Spotted Purple yesterday and did not know what it was. We don't have any up on the border in Richford. When my daughter spotted it today, I ran out of the enclosed yard with my camera to get a picture. It had landed on a float in the pool. My grandson Max, climbed on my chair and grabbed my binnoculars off the table, held them backwards to his eyes and yelled butterfly, then climbed down and ran out of the yard and stood next to me again" looking" through the binnoculars and repeating very excited, buterrfly, butterfly! What fun! Patty Lambert

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