I went to Wells 5 today. This was a block without vouchers according to the data pages. In 2 sites I vouchered 24 species and saw another 5 that eluded me. vouchers were Eastern/ Canadian Swallowtails, GS Frit, Meadow Frit, Crescent sp, Baltimore Checkerspot, Gray Comma, Mourning Cloak, White Admiral, N. Pearly-eye, Eyed Brown, Common Ringlet, Cabbage White, Clouded Sulphur, Orange Sulphur, Acadian, Banded, Hickory, and Striped Hairstreaks, Eastern Tailed Blue and Summer Azure, European, Peck's, Dun and what I'm calling Crossline Skippers. It was different being in a block where Cabbage Whites and Clouded Sulphurs were a cause for careful stalking and cursing when missed. There was one field with clouds of European Skippers, Every time you swung the net for something else you had to sort thru a batch of them. The same field had almost as many Balt. Checkerspots. The road was littered with their road-kill. They were not chasing each other in pairs but in trains of 5 plus. I missed a Black Swallowtail, Viceroy, Eastern Comma and Little Wood Satyr and allowed to go un-molested a couple of Monarchs. Kevin