> The average speed for helmet users of 
> 45.8 km/h (28.4 mph) was significantly higher than those not using a
> helmet at 41.0 km/h (25.4 mph). 

This is not surprising to me at all.

> This study was developed to empirically determine the impact of the 
> following variables on the speeds of skiers and snowboarders:
> [skiing versus snowboarding], visibility [clear and sunny sky versus 
> cloudy, overcast conditions], type of resort [day, destination, or 
> combination], and helmets [use or not of helmet].

I would have been very interested if the authors had
also considered the snow conditions [natural ungroomed versus
man made groomed].  I rather suspect that this would 
produce the largest difference in skier speeds.  That is,
modern over-groomed slopes of man-made are faster (and 
hence more likely to cause head injuries but perhaps
less likely to cause lower leg injuries).

One thing that would be nice to see, but impractical
to study I suspect, would be the effect of phat skis
on skier speeds in deep snow.  My strong belief is that:
Phat skis + Powder in the woods + Helmet = Faster speeds


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