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>>I am sure all 3 would do well in our reeb league.
>I just realized that despite my careful analysis of skiing speeds in the
>Lassen video, I never addressed the issue of how I would fare in the Bolton
>league.  Since our WaWa league is NASTAR-ized, and since some Bolton racers
>also have NASTAR records, this can be addressed quantitatively (i.e., as
>opposed to just randomly making up crazy stuff as is often the approach
>here . . . although I still like the thought of Jim dragged kicking and
>screaming into an icy night league race course, even though Id never
>really want to see him tortured like that).
>Admittedly the NASTAR handicap system is not perfect (although neither are
>USSA or FIS points), and Wachusett handicaps always seem tougher than at
>other ski areas:  I typically get very low teens or high single digits at
>other ski areas when Ive been on GS skis and stripped down to my suit
>(i.e., while slumming in the NASTAR course to boost self-confidence a bit
>before being humiliated in a real USSA gs course), and even a 4 once
>(though the pacesetter just had to be bagging it in order to boot the
>hardware tally for the genteel guests at that one ski area), yet at WaWa
>only low to middle teens is typical for me.
>So anyway, the (albeit limited) Sugarbush NASTAR record of your teammate
>Chris Downing over the past two seasons averages out almost exactly to my
>record.  Go back further for a three-year average and I get a small edge
>(as his 2006 season was much faster than his three-year average and ditto
>for my 2004 season).

I have to go to bat for Chris here, since he isn't a lister.
Chris is a big man.  Several years ago, he fell in love and got married.
His wife loves to cook.  She packs him special lunches.  Makes big dinners.
So he has gotten bigger,  Because of his girth, Chris never ever
wears a GS suit.  Because of his girth, he has had knee problems for the
past few years.  He had some surgery and started feeling better this past 
year.   Chris jumps into the Nastar course all the time, on any skis he
happens to be wearing.  Sometimes he does in on home made fat skis.

You and Danna should come up some thursday night.  Meeting Chris is alone
worth the trip.  You would get a kick out of his homemade equipment.
OR come up and do the Stowe winter carnival Super G.

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