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>I wrote:
>> Never ski the woods faster than you are willing to
>> hit a tree.
>Nobody "likes" to run into trees. The issue how fast you
>are willing to take a hit.

Nah, the issue is "how much risk tolerance do you have?"  Hitting a tree at
any skiing speed will cause damage.  5mph w/o a helmet can kill.  20 mph w/
helm might also kill.  

Even though I agree with TEO's statement "Ski in control", I'm aware that
accidents happen, and I "might" die skiing.  But if I ski at speeds w/i my
zone of control, and wear a helmet, I know the risks are pretty darned low.

We're all accepting risk at different levels.  It sounds like Dave is skiing
ultra-slow in the trees to decrease risk, but adding risk by not donning a
skull cap.  That's his choice.  I'd rather wear a helmet and know that I'm
able to ski a tiny bit faster with approximately the same risk.  The
enjoyment from the added speed far outweighs any possible negatives of the

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