I had the chance to help the South Hero Rescue on friday. The 70 year-old, 
250 lb man had fallen down a steep set of concrete stairs...he had a 
compound nasty fracture of his leg by his ankle and his face was badly cut 
up. This guy was hurting big time, what with his bones sticking out of his 
leg and his head wrapped up like a mummy---and he was still at the bottom 
of a cliff with only a steep set of stairs to go up.

My dad (an MD) helped the EMTs deal with his injuries...I was there to help 
get the injured man up the stairs once we had put him on a backboard and 
into the cradle. It took a good hour for the resue to show, to get him 
stable, and extract him up from the bottom of the stairs.

The question is, what do we do when someone gets hurt like that in the BC?

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