I logged into my blog

It told me it needed to do some stuff to upgrade, so I let it do its thing

It told me it finished and all went well

Now, suddenly, I have a "Share your Video" sub-blog.

Cool, I guess, but where did it come from?

I don't see a or

I don't see any documentation on this being a new feature at the SixApart
web site

It doesn't look much different than any normal sub blog

Is this something I created on my own, just to try out making a sub-blog,
and simpley forgot about? It could be -- getting old, mind plays tricks on
me sometimes...

Anyway, regardless of where it came from, I tried to upload a .MP4 (13.7 MB)
file and a .MOV file (2.1 MB) but nothing seemed to happen (Firefox window
status bar reports "Sending request" but never appears to finish.)