Larry Kost wrote:
> Is there a more "up to date"  version of the Windows XP installation 
> available?  I just installed on a machine and had to do the updates 
> and there are now over 60 of them.  This sure slows things down.
> Larry Kost
You can slipstream Windows Hotfixes into the XP source.  There are MS KB 
articles on this, but it may be more simple to use a tool like nLite to 
accomplish the task:

Problem is that you need to download all of the hotfixes separately in 
order to build your updated installer source.  Major pain...

Another option is to use "unattended":
This handy tool will allow you to create unattended OS installation 
shares with scripts to complete the hotfix process.  Scripts also are 
included for common software packages.  It is a nice system, and one 
that could work well for system building as long as you can tolerate ~45 
minutes per system install. (i.e. it is not suitable for bulk imaging 
operations such as those at the UVM computer depot).