"She strode across the room. ""If you make me much madder, I dont promise to be responsible,she said, but he sensed the crisis was already past - she was strangely vulnerable to these concepts of discipline and behavior.

"Very untidy,Paul croaked. He was sure he could hoist himself into the chair, knew it was probably a bad idea to let Annie know he could, but he needed his other fix, goddammit, and he could not write lying here in bed. Five persons, four of them members of the same family, died in the early hours of Wednesday morning, victims of a smoky three-alarm fire in a Bakersfield apartment house on Watch Hill Avenue. "This is all very amusing, Paul, writing critics little billets-doux in ones head is always good for a giggle, but you really ought to find yourself a pot and get it boiling, dont you think?

He was surprised at how calm he felt - the strongest emotion in him right now was mild annoyance at being interrupted just when it was starting to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. just forget I said anything.

"That was the question I had to ask myself, and as much as I may have wanted to pull the wool over my eyes, I knew the answer to that - I knew even before I saw the marks on the door over there. dont scream (yes scream) scream and it will be over scream and it can end (never never going to end not until Im dead that kids no match for the goddess) Paul oh Christ are you dead already?