Hi, all (again!) Just thought I'd pass on these tidbits about 2 journals
- we just recently discovered this, but some of you probably already

Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine has changed its title to:
TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH; how's that for a complete change?  This was
effective with the July 2006 issue, although online it only has the
August 2006 issue (the former title stops with June!)

Postgraduate Medicine - online and in print, our latest issue was
December 2005. We thought perhaps it had stopped publishing, as it was
getting quite thin!  However, we had just received a June/July 2006
issue - it did indeed "stop" publishing after December, but has now
found a new publisher which will publish 4 issues in 2006. It has
"re-started" with June/July 2006, but has kept the volume/issue #'s
running consecutively!

Have a great week!

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