Jonathan Shefftz [[log in to unmask]] writes:

>>Sorry, if you want coverage of carving skis, you'll have to subscribe
>>Powder's sister magazine Frozen Granular.
>>Do you have a link?    ;)

Beat me to it! 

(Hmmm... seems your starts are usually quicker than mine too... :-) )

>(And don't be misled by the off-season feature on pouty chicks w/
>skis, as well as the jibonker in the banner -- actually in-season
>is 95% frozen granular.)

Don't you mean watered-down RE-frozen granular? (Not to be confused with
SALTED-refrozen, which is the more typical spring/summer fare. ;-) )

John Atkinson [[log in to unmask]] wrote:

>I know I live in the Northern VT powder belt, but I find that fat is
>it's  at for most snow types besides ice, which I tend to avoid. I
>why buy skis for your least favorite condition?

You have a point, but...

First off, ice/frozen-granular isn't MY least favorite condition- I find
dirty rock-embedded heavily runnelled & suncupped hard late-summer firn
MUCH less attractive (yet still better than nuthin'.)  I don't buy
special skis for it though. ;-)

Secondly, it makes more sense to have skis well-adapted to what you
ACUALLY ski, not to be confused with what you ski in your fantasy-ski
life. Sure, bottomless 2% is a favorite skiing condition for me too, but
it's been DECADES since I've skied it.  Even foot deep fluff/cement/crud
accounts for only about 5% of my ski days, usually skied on
lighter-skinnier skis. My two pair of skis in the 88-90mm waist category
don't have more than 10 days on 'em combined, and will never be my local
go-to skis. Clearly YMMD.

There's a huge middle ground between race-courses and deep snow, and
much of it skis better on more moderate width skis than 90mm+ fatties or
wasp-waisted GS cruisers. Even 75-80mm waists are more than enough ski
for anything I encounter in New England. I spend most of my time
sub-75mm waisted skis even though I have several pair in the 75-83mm
range, but it's whatever floats yer boat- you can ski any of it on any
ski if you have a mind to. I just hate fatties on firmer stuff, even
loose snow groomers, if only 'cuz I know there skis in the quiver that
are much more fun quick & precise for those conditions. True-fats are at
best merely OK for most of what I usually get to ski, but then I don't
live in the VT powder belt, and don't visit often.

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