>Hey why not, not like it is rocket science.

That it is not. 
I was able to prove a point.  In the spring time slop on Outer Limits it 
did not matter what ski one used.  
I made some skis from Maple boards from the Home Depot.  I copied my wifes 
volants for side cut and made them thinner near the tip and tail.  The 
tips were made from laminating warped boards that had been in the hot tub 
and using a lap joint with two dowels to attach them to the ski body.  I 
used a tradional fixed heal binding for fear of a tele binding pulling 
out. I painted them in wax, since this was the quickest, I had run out of 
I did one run on Wildfire and one on OL.  They worked great.  Of course 
the bottoms were too smooth and the snow stuck to them.  The plain wooden 
edges were rounded when I was done and the best part was they were now 
cambered the wrong way.  Still got em.  I will probably use T nuts and 
mount teles next time. 

My favorite line was the knucklehead who asked if he could try them, even 
before I got to use them.  "Ah, no, let me break them first please"

I bet it could be great fun making your own skis, just need to buy some 
material for tops and bottoms, not sure how to do that yet. 

This is the kind of stupid parc that keeps my brother and I entertained.  
Two weeks ago it was a canoe, two kayaks, two 10' 2x4's, a mast, jib and 
main.  Just could not make it go upwind.  Next design iteration will have 
much larger leeboards. 


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