On 31 Aug 2006, at 10:58 AM, Jay Silveira wrote:

> Has anyone has success playing the QuickTime 7 HD version of the  
> new Meatheads trailer?  I have tried with QuickTime 7.1 on a couple  
> of different PCs, but I all I get is the error message: "Error  
> -2048: the file is not a movie file" in a small box in the center  
> of my screen.  Perhaps I need a new Codec or something else to see  
> the HD video?  If anyone knows what the issue is or how to solve  
> it, pass it along.

I don't know how to solve the problem, but I emailed them about  
it...I can't get the QT7 trailers to work on either my PC or my  
Powerbook.  And QT should Just Work(TM) on the PowerBook, so  
something appears to be wrong.

And with regard to the content:

I was prepared to wait for another freak 2-foot dump in October, but  
at this point I'm adjusting my schedule.  I want my snow within the  
next 14 days.  (Which, I suppose, means I need to get my edge  
reattached to my ski sooner rather than later, too.)

Kevin T. Broderick
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