On Sep 12, 2006, at 7:02 PM, PSYC 262 wrote:

> Hi, I tried following the directions in the e-mail about starting  
> the weblog for psyc 262 but when I go to the main url it says that  
> there is a blog there but there is no content posted.  I wrote an  
> entry, saved it, and then rebuild the site but the entry is still  
> not showing up.  I CAN see it if I go directly to the entry's URL  
> but not if I go to the main site.  Any help would be greatly  
> appreciated thanks!
> Laura

Hi Laura. You didn't mention which blogging  site you were referring  
to, so I took guess that it was

Where I go there, I see a test post (see below) from about 10 minutes  

If you aren't seeing this, then perhaps your browser is not  
refreshing the site appropriately ... manually refreshing the page or  
exiting the browser totally, and then restarting it might give a  
different result.  If things then appear, you probably want to edit  
your brower preferences to refresh a page every time you visit it.

If we should be seeing something else, e.g. from entry 3, etc ...  
then maybe you can send us the "Permalink" which points directly to  
the page you want to view.