Konnichiwa, Jonathan:

         Thanks for alerting us to the next set of Japanese movies, along 
with the poster you attached; I'm sure that Grace O'Keefe will have these 
posted ASAP!

         Dennis Mahoney

At 12:26 AM 9/28/2006, Jonathan Tinkham wrote:
>Konnichiwa minnasan! (Hello everyone),
>     The Japanese House weekly movie night starts tomorrow, and so far we 
> have the following line-up:
>     My Neighbor Totoro Fri 9/29 CM 315
>     Howl's Moving Castle Fri 10/6 Cm 315
>     Ghost in the Shell Fri 10/13 Cm 315
>     So, mark your calendars! We'll have refreshments beforehand and a 
> short informal discussion afterwards about the movie. I've attached the 
> poster we'll be hanging up soon, but feel free to distribute it on your 
> own too.
>eiga ni aimashou!
>Jonathan Tinkham